Shipping & Returns

By using only recyclable and as little material as possible, we try to minimize our carbon footprint and maximize the chance of a healthy future for your baby.

We want to keep the footprint as low as possible for the transport and production process of the Tummy Tub®. To keep emissions as low as possible we would to include you in this process. By returning a Tummy Tub®, extra pollution will often be generated while this is not always necessary. Sometimes there are greener solutions.

We try to encourage you to look for a cleaner way to ultimately make the world a better place. If you have any creative solutions for not returning the product directly please make us aware! Sometimes we can send a separate part to avoid returns or you could make other parents happy with the Tummy Tub®. In this way, we will work together towards a healthy and happy future for you and your little one.

We would love to hear some smart and creative ways to make the Tummy Tub® even more sustainable. Please share your ideas with us on our Instagram so we can make other mommies and daddies aware.

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Your item will be sent within 2 working days.  When you’ve ordered an item you will receive a track and trace to follow your package. The shipping time will differ per country. To track your order click on the tracking button located in the email. if you didn’t receive an email, please contact us at

The shipping price depends on the location the item is shipped to. Prices can differ per location. The price for the shipment will be shown in the checkout when ordering a product.

Return policy

Please ensure your order is received by our Returns Centre within 7 working days from the day you received your order, otherwise, your refund may be refused. The return postage will be free of charge as long as you meet our return criteria and use the return label generated here underneath this page, please do keep your proof of postage until the refund is fully settled. If you decide to use a different postage method to the one provided, you will be responsible for the shipping and any associated costs and risk of the return of the goods to us.

Upon receiving your item(s) back at our warehouse, it can take up to 30 business days for the return to be processed. If you haven’t received your refund after 30 business days, feel free to contact us.


Once we received your item we will inspect the product and give you a notification. We will work as fast as possible to refund your money but it can take up to 30 working days until you will receive your credit back on your account. You will receive the credit on the account you did the order with.


We work with delivery partners for shipping our products. In every country, these can differ. The responsibility of the delivery lies with the courier. You will find our delivery partner in the email you will receive after your order has been processed at our warehouse. This email will include a Track and Trace link to follow up on your order. If you have problems with receiving the package, please contact the partner that arranged your shipment. If any other problems occur, feel free to contact us any time at