Tummy Tub Original Blue

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Tummy Tub® – Safe and snug like mummy’s tummy.

We know what a wonderful time bath time can be. It is a time to love, play, bond and nourish. A time for your baby to feel calm and connected with their parents and their surroundings.

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Global favorite
Tummy Tub® is the only baby bath that truly emulates the comfort and safety of a womb, and is a global favorite for all the right reasons. A Tummy Tub® makes your baby feel safe and supported as they adjust to the world around them. Even toddlers and young kids love the Tummy Tub® to safely play with water.

Therapeutic value
Bathing your little one in a Tummy Tub® is most therapeutically valuable – both emotionally and physically – from birth up until they are nine months old. Soothing their bloating pains and cramps, calming their restlessness and creating a safe space for them to get comfortable are a few of the benefits of bathing your baby in Tummy Tub®.

We want the world that our kids grow up in to be a happy and healthy one. That is why Tummy Tub® is 100% recyclable, BPA-free and requires less than half the amount of water a traditional baby bathtub does. Through that and by using few materials we try to minimize our carbon footprint and maximize the chance of a healthy future for your baby.


100% recyclable

Contaminant and BPA free

Uses 50% less water

Designed not to slip or tip

TÜV tested

1 review for Tummy Tub Original Blue

  1. Sophie V.

    Product is exactly what I expected it to be, my baby was so comfortable in it. Color is the same as in the picture. Would strongly recommend for a new born.

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