Tummy Tub® has been making babies feel protected in a new world since 1995. In the early nineties, midwives in the Netherlands discovered that babies benefit - both emotionally and physically - from being bathed in a tub that resembles the natural feeling of being in their mummy’s womb.

Mother with baby in Tummy Tub

Professionals then designed and developed Tummy Tub®. Parents’ and experts’ favorite baby bath in which your newborn can feel safe, supported and calm.

The similarities Tummy Tub® has to a womb make it easier for your baby to adjust to the stress and unfamiliar experiences in the world around them in pure, prenatal position.

Midwifes and other experts from all over the world recommend bathing your baby in a Tummy Tub®. It’s the preferred bathtub for babies’ first bathing experience in many hospitals around the world.

Hold head of baby